Vector - the 100% digital tool for managing services

Vector creates a link between your office-based teams and your service providers in the field.

How does it work?

From the web platform

The dispatcher:

  • Schedules jobs for the employees and has a global view of current and upcoming jobs
  • Manages the customers, employees and jobs
  • Controls the activity via a comprehensive dashboard
  • Collects all useful data for analytical reporting

From the mobile application

Employees in the field carry out their jobs and:

  • Have a planning overview of the day and upcoming jobs
  • View their jobs for the day on a map
  • Retrieve the details of each job
  • Start or close a job

Optimise your field staff’s schedules and activities to maximise profitability. The result is a better quality of service for maximum customer satisfaction.

Vector, designed specifically for your sector!

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